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Piano Lessons in Vancouver

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I love teaching piano lessons in Vancouver, Washington! Private teaching builds not only musical appreciation that lasts a lifetime, but a mentoring relationship that few children enjoy. Unlike classroom teachers, who enjoy their students only to see them off to the next grade, I build a relationship that starts early and continues through high-school. What a privilege it is for me to see a piano student graduate from high school after having been in my studio since grade school! Whether they pursue music or not, I know I’ve given them a solid foundation that will be applicable in many areas of their lives. Personal discipline, goal setting, problem solving, presentation, these are just a few areas which contribute to a well-rounded and mature young person.

For those students who start young and apply themselves through high school the rewards are many. Often, students who start young and continue through high school are academically at the top of their class.  I have had several students go on to college studying to be professional musicians or music educators. For those who don’t pursue music as a career, they continue to  enjoy the benefits for a lifetime of personal enjoyment and service in their faith community or society at large.

To develop good technique and practice habits, it really is best to start young. This takes some fortitude and firm encouragement on the part of parents. I encourage a well rounded musical approach.  We set weekly and yearly goals.  These goals include learning assigned scales and technique, finishing a music theory and sight-reading book, attending a professional level concert, passing an ear training exam, participating in at least one studio recital, performing  publicly outside the studio and researching to write a composer report.  All these aspects make up a foundation that builds strong musicianship lasting a lifetime.

I belong to several accredited organizations that allow me to offer participation in adjudications (to encourage mastery), festivals and competitions.  Teaching to a standard of excellence develops good practice habits, discipline and mental aptitude.  Memorization develops strong skills required across the board in school and beyond. Above all, accomplishing goals and mastering performance build healthy confidence!

I so enjoy seeing my students grow into mature musicians and young people! They gain not just a love of music, but the gift that lasts a lifetime. This is why I love teaching piano lessons in Vancouver!

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